Multicolor Ayala Bar Summer Bracelet

Multicolor Ayala Bar Summer Bracelet 04

Multicolor Ayala Bar Summer Bracelet Yria Ceramic packaging

I must show you my new Ayala Bar summer bracelet from one of my favorite stylish home decor stores, Yria Ceramics, in Paros. Multicolor bracelets are such an important summer essential, wearing them on a sun-kissed skin just screams vacation mode…

I showed you the elegant French chic meets Greek tradition store last year here . They have an eclectic collection of women’s accessories  like the garlic ceramic necklace Haris was wearing here

Even though I had already bought the Ayala Bar earrings when I saw the red “Paprica” bracelet with the magnet closure, I had to make it mine! I am loving the bold red, pink, blue and orange all stirup into a spicy statement of beauty and intense energy.

The bracelet connects via a magnetic clasp and is adorned with a chain between the clasp ends. Pretty and practical…Genius!

Multicolor Ayala Bar Summer Paprica Bracelet 03

detail Ayala bar

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