Mother’s Day Memories- Get Creative

Mother's Day Memories- Get Creative

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not get creative and treat your mum to a special homemade gift? You’ve got until Sunday, March 30th to make something unique, so check out the array of wonderful supplies from sites like Homecrafts and unleash your artistic side.

Are you in need of some inspiration? Then here are some great ideas to get you started.

Mother’s Day cards

dry flowers

Anyone can walk into a shop and buy a generic Mother’s Day card, but it takes both time and imagination to create your own – something your mum is sure to appreciate.

press flowers dry
press flowers dry
create a card with dried flowers
create a card with dried flowers


There are many wonderful things you can do, but it’s best to keep things bright, bold and beautiful. Photographic montages are ideal, or, as Mothering Sunday falls in spring you could dry flowers using a press (or a pile of heavy books) and attach these to the front of a card. If you’re feeling artistic, you could even try your hand at quilling – the art of rolling paper into beautiful shapes such as teardrops, hearts, leaves, diamonds and spirals – and create a masterpiece like no other.

quilling – the art of rolling paper, hearts

What’s more, if you’re a dad looking to make something for your little one’s mum, footprint cards are simple yet effective, or you could get them to draw around their tiny hands, cut the shapes out and ask your cherubs to paint them before writing ‘I Love You’ on the back. Perfect.

foot prints and letters
use your kids footprint’s to create art

Decoupage keepsakes

Decoupage Bowl
Decoupage Bowl

The great thing about decoupage (the process of covering objects in paper), is that you can turn something old into a new keepsake that can be treasured for many years to come. If you’ve got an old jewellery box, for instance, simply cut out squares of paper – be it newspaper, wrapping paper, tracing paper, magazine pictures, images from a leaflet or anything else that takes your fancy – and stick them onto it. Keep going until the whole thing is covered before sealing your project with two layers of varnish. If you want to build up several layers, apply varnish between each layer until the cut out look vanishes and the object takes on a smooth appearance. This project will take a bit of time, but you’ll end up with a beautiful, yet affordable, Mother’s Day gift.

decoupage box
decoupage box

Write a small book of poetry

If your mum loves to read, you could always present her with a book or original poems that you’ve penned yourself. This might sound tricky, but put your mind to it and you’ll come up with a rhyme or two that will evoke memories and make her smile. If you’re not sure where to start, simply think of special things you’ve done together and turn these into verse. Remember, you don’t have to be Shakespeare, it’s about jotting down moments that are worth remembering and making them resemble poetry. Place a photo of the two of you between each poem and maybe some memorable quotes or sayings and you’ll have created something both heart-warming and unique.

Mother’s Day is approaching fast, so put your artistic cap on and make something fabulous this year.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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