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Mother Daughter Style Series | Episode 2 : Bonding in Summer Casuals - TrendSurvivor

Mother Daughter Style Series | Episode 2 : Bonding in Summer Casuals

Honestly, I just realized, I was introducing to TrendSurvivor, a new mother daughter style series when I posted how we styled the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers in Spring.

Mother daughter style Niki Svolou Nina Papaioannou Coastal Sunnies Converse sneakers Summer Street Style TrendSurvivor X KicksUSA

Trendsurvivor X Coastal.com00

Coastal Sunnies Converse sneakers Summer Street Style TrendSurvivor

Trendsurvivor X Coastal.com00

Niki Svolou Nina Papaioannou sunglasses

Mother Daughter style Casual Summer style 2015

My daughter Niki is a chic stylish dresser, no doubt, making fashionable ageless outfit choices.

I believe there are exceptions to every rule, but it seems like style is more often than not passed down from mothers to child. When I come across an old photo of my mom I always think ” My mom looks amazing, I want her whole outfit”!

It might sound funny but the same happens to me with my daughter… I want what she is wearing… and she wants what I am wearing…

So, here we are bonding and having fun while styling Converse All Star sneakers for KicksUSA, the amazing American online sportswear destination.

We are both wearing our new cool stylish sunnies from Stay tuned I will be showing you more from this top Canadian online glasses site that ships everywhere from USA to New Zealand.

Have you heard the quote “A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.” So true!!!!

Even though by the time  my daughter realizes I was right, she will have a daughter who will think she’s wrong…


Chilling with our lovely friends in their most amazing black swimming pool, hidden in the Northern suburbs of Athens was to say the least fun and rewarding.  🙂

KicksUSA mother daughter style

mother daughter quote manual

Mother Daughter Style Series : Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 1 ( if you missed it ) : How we styled the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers


PS1 Orange

off the shoulder summer dress Coastal blue mirror sunglasses

Niki Svolou - Kam Dhillon 303S from Street Style

Zara off the shoulder blue white summer casual dress

Daughter Niki is wearing:

Blue mirrored sunnies Kam Dhillon 303S from // Off the Shoulder dress Zara ( Asos and paisley print green Asos ) // Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Shoreline OX slip on  ( if you are in between sizes go half a size up ) // Orange leather PS 1 Satchel medium Proenza Schouler handbag Nordstrom 



Stipe sweater Casual River Island leather backpack

KicksUsa All Star converse hi top

Trendsurvivor X

Nina Papaioannou Casual Street Style All Star sneakers

Mother Nina (yours truly) is wearing:

Black round sunglasses LOVE L7003S Black from  // Stripe sweater Anthropologie  (similar black and white stripe sweater with heart elbow Asos )     // White distressed jeans DL1961 Emma Bloomingdales ( loving this high-waist white denim from Asos )   //  Black leather dog clip backpack Limited Edition by River Island (   perfect for Island hopping also in white )  //  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star hi basketball shoe KicksUSA 


Thank you for our trendy sunglasses … they are becoming a family affair 🙂

River Island for the fun party in Dallas (despite the crazy weather conditions we enjoyed it ) and my limited edition black leather backpack

 KicksUSA for the all time classics Converse sneakers and encouraging us to get started with the mother daughter style series.

Ph- Natasa Kost

Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. Lovely to see both of you. Very summery.
    Looking forward to showing off my glasses when they arrive in NZ! Won’t have a daughter to participate; might have to think of something! Most likely oyster catchers:) xx

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