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feather Tattoo

My new desktop file with stylish tattoos is ready for posting! My collection of extraordinary tattoos includes anything from tiny quotes to extra large body art. Tattoos have been around for over 5,000 years and it seems the majority of fashionable people now have at least one. I have to admit that I understand why they say that getting tattoos is addictive! After I got my first one last year and posted my Not only Celebrity Tattoos file, I thought probably, I would stop collecting amazing tattoo photos. Well, it seems I want more, even though, as some of you know, it took me ages to find the courage to actually do it! I have a light blue lotus flower tattooed on my body and I am considering my next one. I think tattoos nowadays, have become fashion accessories… Do you agree?


Vogue China, Model: Marloes Horst, Photographer: Blaise Reutersward, Stylist: Polina Aronova

Tattoo Freja Beha4

tiny tattoo cat

feather tattoo small

stylish butterfly tattoo

Rihanna Tattoo soulder

arm tattoo

Angelina Jolie tattoo back

arm extravagant tattoo

tattoo confidence


Vogue Nippon, Freja Beha Wrist Tattoos


Milagros Schmoll Cross tattoo


Lana Del Ray, Image Garance Dore

Kate Moss tattoo

Kate Moss has 7 Tattoos: Two Birds on her lower back, A tiny Star on her right ankle, Anchor on her right wrist, Crescent moon on her left ankle, Heart on her left hand,  The letter P on her hip and A small heart on her palm!

Kate Moss goes nude for May cover of Vogue Brasil; Mario Testino shoots Moss for anniversary issue  Read more:

Kate Moss’s lower back tattoos in May cover of Vogue Brazil anniversary issue.

Photo: Mario Testino

Foot Tattoo

Trendsurvivor Tattoo Lotus Flower

My lotus flower tattoo

According to Racked:

Thirteen of the Best Tattoo Shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan

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