Mom Jeans Back in Style ??? Oh, Yes!

Mom jeans back in style

Mom jeans back in style… so high-waist pants and tapered legs are welcomed back this winter.

The ’80s-style waistlines might take a little time getting used to… as they are considered to be both unfashionable, and unflattering to the wearer’s figure.

According to wikipedia The style is often accompanied by a blouse or shirt that is tucked into the jeans. This style of jeans was popular with women in the United States until the mid-1990s, when lower rise jeans started to become fashionable. The term gained greater prominence after a 2003 Saturday Night Live skit for a fake brand of jeans called Mom Jeans, which used the tagline “For this Mother’s Day, don’t give Mom that bottle of perfume. Give her something that says, ‘I’m not a woman anymore…I’m a mom!’

Do you agree??

There are some drawbacks in wearing low cut jeans… we all have suffered the consequences…

Mom Jeans Back in Style and in my everyday wardrobe

Oakley mirrored sunglasses

Mom jeans back in style

I didn’t need to buy a new pair because I have kept this Peanuts cartoon embellished pair of high waist jeans for hmmmm must be more than 20 years!!! I got them in New York from a tiny store that did just this type of embroidery on Levi’s jeans.

I rolled them up …. don’t ask me why? I think it was because I wanted the back of my Saint Laurent pumps to show…

Saint Laurent black stiletto  pumps

I wore a preppy silk shirt tacked in and a jumper like we use to wear it back in the 1980s, over our shoulders…

Mom Jeans Updated Street Style Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou

peanuts embellished mom jeans

Take a look at the mom jeans trend over the years before Vogue ‘Made Them Cool’…

Mom Jeans Updated Street Style Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou08

get the look


Photos © Maria Zerva

Have a lovely Day!!!


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