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Lanvin Shoes
Eva Marks Illustration
Fashion Photography Exhibition Mila Nestervoa, experiments with lighting, exposure and UV to create stunning images
Davis Roland Design
Erdem Fall-Winter 2011 Patent dress with red stiletto shoes
Balenciaga green stiletto high heels with snake skin straps


Royal Blue Suede Manolo Bhlanik stiletto

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Μόδα Παπούτσια Νέες Τάσεις 2011-2012

Wooden Platform high heel shoes

Σήμερα αρχίζει επίσημα το φθινόπωρο, με τέλεια καλοκαιρινή λιακάδα και ζέστη!! Τα καλά της Ελλάδας! Φορώντας κόκκινες abercronbie σαγιονάρες απολαμβάνω τις νέες τάσεις της μόδας στα παπούτσια. Αλλά, προς το παρόν τουλάχιστον δεν ανυπομονώ καθόλου, να βάλω μποτάκια. Απλά τα θαυμάζω!!! Μια κλεφτή ματιά στις συλλογές ανατρεπτικών σχεδιαστών όπως ο  James Charlesworth αλλά και καθιερωμένων όπως ο Christian Louboutin μας δίνουν μια γεύση για το τι μας περιμένει στιλιστικά στα παπούτσια! Για παράδειγμα, οι ψηλοτάκουνες γόβες στιλέτο, φέτος, είναι σε αποχρώσεις πολύτιμων λίθων, σημειώστε μια και το έφερε η κουβέντα, ότι τα jewel colors παίζουν στα ρούχα και σε όλα τα  αξεσουάρ. Αχ! είναι τόσο φωτεινά μου φτιάχνουν τη διάθεση … τα λατρεύω!!! Εμπνευσμένα πρωτότυπα τακουνιά κάνουν δυναμικά την είσοδο τους και τα καρφιά συνεχίζουν να διακοσμούν τα παπούτσια τη σαιζόν που μας έρχεται.  Όσο για τα εξωτικά δέρματα όπως το φίδι και τα animal prints συνεχίζετε να τα φοράτε συνδυάζοντάς τα ακόμα και με εμπριμέ! Enjoy!

Jonathan Leslie James Charlesworth

Jonathan Leslie James Charlesworth απόλυτα εκκεντρικά παπούτσια!!!
Jonathan Leslie James Charlesworth metal construction shoes
Jonathan Leslie James Charlesworth innovative sexy shoes
Jonathan Leslie James Charlesworth

Mr. Charlesworth creates exquisite unique heels by using different shoemaking materials and processes. Jonathan obtained a Foundation degree from Cordwainers in order to hone his innate shoe design talent even further. In the past Charlesworth has even worked for influential labels such as Jimmy Choo and Mulberry. During Jonathan’s time in the industry influential magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, Fault, Carson and Razor Red have requested his pieces.

Ruthie Davis Παπούτσια Φθινόπωρο – Χειμώνας 2011-2012

Μαύρες γόβες στιλέτο με καρφιά από την Ruthie Davis
Avatar Purple high heel stiletto pumps by Ruthie Davis

Industrial Art plays a strong role in Ms. Davis’s fabulous collection for Fall. The screws used for the first and final heel in this article represents female industrialism and I cannot help but think of Rosie the Riveter and her “We Can Do It” slogan.

Stiletto shoes Prefab gun metal black interesting heel by Ruthie Davis
Race Green micro compact bootie by Ruthie Davis
Back peep toe bootie aerial deluxe black and rose gold by Ruthie Davis

Female independence and strength has always been an influence on Ruthie’s artistic and philanthropic endeavors with her promotion of “Girl Power” Another reason why I like this collection so much is the use of bright colored patent leathers to give those silhouettes a little 80s color pop flavor.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 Κολεξιόν 

Louis Vuitton Royal blue loafers with studs
Louis Vuitton Multi-colored ankle boots

Louis Vuitton’s 2012 Resort styles goes from from understated to edgy in order to fit every getaway social occasion and mood. Slides are a very basic silhouette but Marc Jacobs adds some spice to this style due to the choice of color and use of patent leather. The final style in this article would look perfect with a tank top and a fringed bikini wrap.

Christian Louboutin Παπούτσια Φθινόπωρο – Χειμώνας 2011-2012
Christian Louboutin μαύρο πέδιλο με γούνα !!!
Christian Louboutin μποτάκι στο χρώμα του ρουμπινιού
Christian Louboutin με γούνα
Christian Louboutin μποτάκι με κρόσσια

In the 20 years since christian Louboutin  made his first pair of ladies shoes with shiny red lacquered soles his sky high heeled, sexy, colorful and sometimes unwearable creations have become the object of desire for many of us!  Louboutin identifies the shade he uses as ” Chinese red” and argues that any confusingly similar shade would infringe his trademark.  However, he lost the lawsuit with Yves Saint Laurant because the judge decided that no fashion designer should be allowed a monopoly on color because as artists they all need to be able to use the full palette. ( Just to let you know, trademarks have been given to single colors for industrial products, such as yellow to Post-it notes.)

Abel Munoz Παπούτσια Φθινόπωρο – Χειμώνας 2011-2012

Abel Munoz Black Cosma Sandal 2012
Abel Munoz Black Mirella Sandal 2012
Abel Munoz Black Elettra Sandal 2012
Abel Munoz Camel Orabella Stiletto Shoe 2012
Abel Munoz Turquoise Strapy Selvaggia Sandal 2012

Abel found inspiration in the beautiful women inhabitants of Rimini, Italy. Rimini one of Europe’s most famous  seaside resorts is known for its beautiful beach and Roman architecture. The heels for 2012 Spring showcases Munoz’s inspiration in a variety of ways. The use of snakeskin and suede for the Mirella and Cosma styles represents the luxurious taste of Rimini women. Also, Rimini’s distinct architecture finds life in the unique silhouette of the Elettra heel and the coral blue color of the Selvaggia gives you a glimpse of the city’s sea.  I can see a number of women wearing one of these heels as they dance the night away at Bandiera Gialla.

Tania Spinelli Παπούτσια Φθινόπωρο – Χειμώνας 2011-2012

Grey wool multiple ankle strap pump by Tania Spinelli
Purple suede side-pleat ankle boot by Tania Spinelli
Black suede lace-up sandal by Tania Spinelli
Burgundy Bordeaux leather tall boot with adjustable belt by Tania Spinelli

All of the elegant ladies out there will be truly taken by Tania Spinelli’s 2011 Fall collection. The seductive colors, sensual silhouettes and plush skins will make any sophisticate swoon with delight. My favorite heels are the third one due to its unique lacing, open-toe detail and stiletto heel and the gray classic with a twist grey stiletto!!


Τέλεια τα καινούργια παπούτσια αλλά εγώ εύχομαι να κρατήσει πολύ ακόμα το καλοκαίρι!!! Καλό μήνα σε όλους!!! 🙂

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