Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 GIFs

Fendi 2014 backstage

Milan Fashion Week | Fendi | Fall Winter 2014

The perfect, fast way to get a feeling of what happened on the Milan Fashion Week shows is to check out these amazing GIFs created by dazed digital.  Fall Winter 2014 runways trends are taking us back in time. I love the 1970s feel clothes by Gucci.


Milan Fashion Week AW 2014 Prada gif

Prada FW 2014

For Prada runway looks you can click here


Versace Milan Fashion Week AW 2014.gif

Versace FW 2014 white dress

For Versace AW 2014 images you can click here


Fendi AW2014 gif

Fendi 2014 backstag

For Fendi runway images you can click here


MARNI Fall Winter 2014 gif

Fendi AW2014 gif

Marni 2014

For Marni runway images you can click here


Gucci Milan Fashion week runway AW 2014

Gucci FW 2014

For Gucci runway images you can click here

Have a lovely Month!!!


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