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Men’s Shopping- Simplified - TrendSurvivor

Men’s Shopping- Simplified

Steve McQueen sport winter look

Do you remember the days when your mother or wife had to practically drag you through the mall just to find you a few new pieces of clothing? Well, thanks to the wonderful invention of the World Wide Web, our job of dressing you has become much easier! We simply send a couple of links to your guy saying, “do you prefer this one or this one?” wait two days, et voila! New duds show up on your doorstep. Although, as a woman, I still like the complicated, physical experience I get in-store, I know my father and my boyfriend are relieved when they don’t have to “waste” an afternoon navigating mall corridors.

 men's stylish clothing

I’ve spent a lot of time on men’s clothing sites, and I have to say I’m pretty baffled by how elaborate some of them are. Now, I understand from a marketing perspective a company’s website is an opportunity for them to tell their story – and I’m all for it! – but should this come at the cost of having your consumer get the same sensory overload they would in store? No. Isn’t that the exact thing they are trying to avoid by shopping online? Yes.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

My opinion: minimalism is best. The technology and art worlds seem to agree as they progress, and I don’t think an online purchasing experience should be any different. If I’m saying that, I can only imagine men feel even stronger. Take for instance Mr Porter or Matches Fashion, both manage many different brands but in an understandable and easy-to-navigate way. The Jean.Machine’s website, for example, speaks volumes to their brand – clean, cool, masculine – but it’s incredibly easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t get me wrong boys, this doesn’t mean you’re completely off the hook for tagging along to the mall. How else is a girl supposed to drop hints about the new Michael Kors bag we have on our wish list?


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