Meet my Baby Cavalier Prince Spot

Spot tri-color cavalier king charles

Meet my new dog, a baby tricolor King Charles cavalier named Prince Spot. He is the cutest, super soft adorable puppy ever. You know how much I adored Oliver but I am in love with Spot, already!!!!!

I got him from an amazing breeder in UK. Her name is Julia Fletcher. She is a King Charles cavalier, kennel club assured breeder. Plus she is a dog trainer and a writer. She took care of all the requirements and arranged everything for Spot’s pet passport. If you are interested for a five generation pedigree healthy cavalier puppy her email is and he facebook page is Beauclarke Cavaliers.

Spot loves being photographed so expect to see outfit posts with my new partner. However, he is a blogger too. He will be blogging from his own blog He has already started posting about his life…

He is on my lap right now and sends a wuf and a lick…

Spot tri-color cavalier king charles

Spot tri-color cavalier king charles vince slip on sneakers

Vince Blair 5 Slip-on Sneakers | Prince Spot

His outfit post debut is in London. Stay tuned.

Photos © me, Niki Svolou

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Aww he is so adorable! So sweet looking…can’t wait to see him in your future posts! He is also really tech savvy for being such a young pup having his own blog. Too cute!

    1. hahahahaha tech savvy!!!!!! I learned a new expression from you!!!!! He is super nice… I ma trying to tech him to freeze pose!!!

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