Matching Your Senior Prom Dress to Your Dates’ Outfit

You build up to your senior prom with high expectations of the event, the people that you are with, and also the dress that you will wear. A lot of people do meticulous planning for their senior prom, to make sure that everything goes along without a hitch. One thing that sometimes lets people down is communicating with their partner about what they are wearing. Whether you attend your prom with friends or with a partner, it is important to make sure that your outfits do not clash.


senior prom dress shoes

Prom Dress Code for Men

Every school across the country has a dress code for their prom, as well as other social functions. If you look at the rules, they do appear very one sided, as most of the rules are for the females, rather than the males. The typical attire for a young man to attend school prom is a tuxedo, and the variety of different tuxedos available is quite staggering. Traditionally a tuxedo would be black, and you wear a white shirt with it, and a matching coloured bow tie and cumberbund, but there are also some more outlandish styles and colours available. So, it is a good idea if you are attending your prom with a date, that you make sure you know what they intend to wear before you purchase your prom dress.

Matching prom dress

Choose a Complimentary Color

senior prom dress shoesWhen you know what your partner is going to be wearing, you will then be able to choose a prom dress in a colour that is going to match your partner. If your partner is wearing a traditional black tuxedo with white shirt, then you will want to match the colour of your prom dress to that of your partners’ bow tie and cumberbund. You do not have to match the shade exactly, and it is a good idea to choose a darker colour if you are looking for a slimming effect with your prom dress. With the ease of buying prom dresses online using the internet, you will be sure to be able to find something which is going to match your partner, as well as make you look sensational. Check out the dress collection available at promdressshop

We all want to look dazzling for our senior prom, but you need to keep in mind that every school has a dress code, including yours. It is important that you find the right combination of risqué and conservatism, without going over the top on either side. A simple A-Line dress is a good choice for almost any body shape, and make sure that the neckline is not too low, or that you do not expose too much of your back. We all want to feel and look great, especially when attending the senior prom, but if you do not adhere to your school’s dress code, you could end up missing out on your prom entirely. So with a bit of careful planning, as well as communication with your partner, you can make sure that you both look amazing when you arrive at your prom. With you wearing a beautiful prom dress and your partner in a sharp tuxedo, you never know, you may just get voted king and queen of the ball!

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