Mary Katrantzou Autumn Winter 2015 Kenophobia | Elaborate Texture Clashes


Mary-Katrantzou-AW15-London-Fashion-Week Kenophobia fur


I was invited to attend the extraordinary Mary Katrantzou Autumn Winter 2015 Runway Show inspired by the “kenophobia” (horror vacui) art movement at the Royal Horticultural Halls during London Fashion Week.

Don’t think it was easy to get a ticket… It took a lot of emails, phone calls even stalking my mother and my uncle… but it all worked out in the end.

Had an amazing seat as you might have seen from my pictures and video on Instragram@TrendSurvivor.

It would be worth the trip to London even just to attend this one show and see how Mary can manipulate texture clashes and mix clear plastic frills juxtaposed with decorative flocking with Belle Époque grandeur on a fur coat!!!

Mary Katrantzou made me feel proud I am Greek… to say the least…


Autumn Winter 2015 Mary Katrantzou Collection


The London-based Greek designer Mary Katrantzou experimented with forms, materials and patterns in her garments. Squishy foam spikes were featured not only on the catwalk but also on her clothes.

The minimal silhouettes contrasted with “horror vacui” or “kenophobia” (in Greek) which means the fear of empty space and as a result  covering entire surfaces with detail.




“An exploration of the relationship between heritage opulence and techy utopia, the collection seeks to redefine the parameters of modern luxury and documents the significance of value perception,” said the show notes.



Mary-Katrantzou-AW15-London-Fashion-Week- TrendSurvivor

Autumn Winter 2015 Mary Katrantzou first row


Mary Katrantzou Finale Autumn Winter 2015


Excuse the quality I need to work harder on my video skills.


Mary Katrantzou Autumn Winter 2015 Behind the Scenes


I arrived ahead of time, so not like me… and took a sneak peak behind the closed curtains.

Mary Katrantzou Autumn Winter 2015

Sneak peak before the magic started.

Autumn Winter 2015 Mary Katrantzou fur coat backstage

Horror Vaccui art in a fur coat that clashes prints and textures.

Autumn Winter 2015 Mary Katrantzou interviews

Backstage after the show, Mary Katrantzou was giving one interview after the other…

Listened carefully to every one… impressive!!!


Mary Katrantzou Fashion Show ticket - Nina Papaioannou TrendSurvivor

I wore to the show my vintage leopard coat with a Mary Katratzou silk dress. 


I briefly chatted with Mary Katrantzou backstage at the end of the show and we might have an interesting blogger project on the way… Fingers crossed!


Mary Katrantzou 2015

An investment worth making

Visit Mary Katrantzou Online Shop

My favorite dresses

Cygnet Dress // Chrono SS 2015 Rose Garden // Scuba calligraphy Dress


The Mary Katrantou X Adidas sneakers are on my wish-list!


Images-, Dezeen,, TrendSurvivor

Have a lovely Day!!!


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