MARIT FUJIWARA A Fashion Designer Artist Visionary

I am so sure you will agree that Marit Fujiwara’s art is exquisite!!! It is delicate, intricate, handmade, visually appealing, and guess what it is wearable, too.  Marit Fujiwara, is a textile design graduate of the Chelsea College of Art and Design. This incredibly original designer comes from a mixed heritage of Brazilian, Norwegian and Japanese cultures; she moved to London age 19, where she lived and worked for the last ten years before recently returning to Brazil. Her passion in exploring different areas in textiles lead her to specialize in constructive textiles. Drawing upon her illustrations, she creates intriguing pieces pushing the boundaries between art, craft and design. She has developed extraordinary new techniques as well as modernized traditional ones. Her detail work is impeccable and time consuming, demanding talent, originality and aesthetic. My mind is blown away by her amazingly beautiful and elegant designs. What do you think?





Marit currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Have a lovely Day!!!





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