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Making Home Renovation Trends of Yesterday Look Modern - TrendSurvivor

Making Home Renovation Trends of Yesterday Look Modern

Just like fashion styles have come and gone over the years — bell-bottom jeans of the 1970s or parachute pants of the early 1990s must be ringing a bell — so have certain, old-fashioned home renovation trends.

Feel like your home resembles something similar to The Brady Bunch home rather than Chip and Joanna Gaines’ shiplap-filled farmhouse? Are budgetary concerns preventing you from undertaking a complete remodel? Don’t despair.

It’s possible to make any outdated home — yours included — look modern and new again for far less than a complete renovation. Here is a list of some trends from yesteryear and how to replace them in your own home:

Say Goodbye to Avocado Green, Gold and Almond

bedroom then now

Back in the 1970s, this trio of colors was as hot as the Bee Gees. Everything from the fridge in the kitchen and the countertops in the bathroom to the shag carpet in the rec room were likely one or more of these hues. But if you have any remaining remnants of these colors in your home, they probably look more drab than fab.

So what’s hot today? Focus on replacing any countertops, cabinetry, fixtures and carpeting in these colors with items that are more fresh and modern. That old almond fridge can be updated with a sleek stainless steel model, while your tired old countertops can be replaced with marble or concrete.

Meantime, old shag carpet can be pulled up and replaced with any number of types of flooring, including trendy bamboo, porcelain tile or laminate. Of course, you don’t have to do all of these upgrades at once; just replace things one by one as your budget allows.

Ciao, Tuscan Kitchens!

then now kitchens

Dark-colored kitchens that look like they belong in an old Italian Tuscan villa were all the rage in the early 2000s. These kitchens included plenty of dark wood cabinets, iron lighting, tons of granite and tan and brown backsplashes.

But while this look can be attractive, it has a way of making the whole kitchen look closed in and almost gloomy. If you want to redo your Italian villa kitchen but are concerned about the kitchen renovation cost, say goodbye to outdated kitchen designs and replace with new lighting and paint — choices that are much friendlier on the wallet, too.

Additionally, if you leave your appliances in place and avoid moving your plumbing lines, you’ll wind up saving a substantial amount of money. Instead, have your dark cabinets painted white and switch out the brown granite countertop with a light gray quartz. Replace the heavy lights with pendants and paint the walls light gray or white, all of which will help your kitchen to look modern and airy.

Get Rid of Old Bath and Shower Combos

bathroom then now

For years, bath and shower combos were the preferred look for bathrooms. But, according to Better Homes and Gardens, today’s modern bathrooms are more likely to feature a stand-alone shower — with multiple spray heads and maybe a tile bench — and a separate tub.

To bring your bathroom into the present day, consult with a contractor about replacing the combo unit with a free-standing tub and shower. Get estimates based on what you can afford, and shop for tubs and showers that fit into your budget.

For example, Home Depot sells a variety of stand-alone tubs at price points ranging from $750 to more than $3,800, so you don’t have to spend a ton to get something up to date.

Bringing Your Home into the Current Day, One Project at a Time

As you look around your outdated home, instead of feeling overwhelmed, focus on being inspired. Rather than ripping up rooms and starting over, you can modernize your home and bring it into the current era by changing the paint colors, updating countertops and other less major projects. Soon enough, your home will look new again — and you’ll likely be the envy of your neighbors.

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