Makeup Tricks- Secrets to an Instant face lift


The use of special makeup tricks can help you give your  face definition in all the right places which is the key to a younger looking face. For an instant face lift I follow the makeup tips of makeup artist Scott Barnes and Ramy Gafni. They are responsible for the flawless makeup of celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tricks
Kim tweeted this photo, saying “Wanna see how @scottbarnes68 contours?!”

1. Contouring is the first step of your makeup routine “Don’t contour with bronzer on top of your makeup! Contour before you put on foundation,” says Barnes.

2. For a lifted look contour under your cheekbones because high cheekbones are the key to a youthful face. Use a foundation that’s a shade or two darker under your cheekbone and use a lighter shade above the cheekbone.


3. Plump cheeks are a sign of youth so add blush on the apples of the cheeks to create fullness. To fake them, smile into your mirror and apply blush on the fullest part of the cheek. Sounds ridiculous but it works.

4. Fill in your eyebrows for added definition to your face. “The key is to choose a neutral color or a color that’s two shades lighter than your current hair color,” says Gafni.

You can watch the eye opening contouring video with makeup tricks by Lisa Eldridge

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