Makeup Tips How to get a thinner nose in 5 min

With a few easy makeup contouring tips you can have a thinner nose in 5 min. Make your nose appear smaller and slimmer using only makeup that is slightly darker – lighter than your natural skin tone.

Check out how making your nose appear slimmer and get a non surgical nose job.

In case you feel self-conscious about the size of your nose, there are several ways you can make it seem smaller. Using contouring and highlight makeup you can actually change the shape of your nose.


Thinner Nose

4 Contouring Makeup Tips


1…. Create the shadow by applying a color that two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone with a pro-contour brush.

2…. To highlight choose a color that is two to three shades lighter than your natural skin tone. You can try a contouring 101 face palette.

3…. For a natural look choose your highlighting and contouring shadows to match the undertone of your skin.

4…. Use an angled brush to apply the shadow and highlighter. Try one Harper’s Bazaar favorite concealers for every skin ton,  the light illusion perfecting stylo.


how to get a thinner nose in 5 min


Best nose contouring products


nose contouring[br]




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Image – Harpers Bazaar

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