Makeup News- Geared up for weather challenges throughout the year

Kasia Struss stars in an online feature for  photo by Ruben Vega wearing natural makeup and Balmain, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen dresses…styled by Noella Terrón-Laya

Sometimes the weather can be the biggest enemy of your skin. Either it’s the sun or the humidity which makes it hard to care about it the right way or it’s the cold air of the fall and winter season, combined with dry hot air thanks to heaters – no matter what, you can never do completely right.

Actress Anne Hathaway gets into the holiday spirit wearing an emerald dress on the cover of Vogue US’ December issue. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz with styling by Tonne Goodman, Anne shows off her new sheared coif, cut for her role in the upcoming “Les Misérables” film adaptation.

Furthermore there is the factor time. Although your skin yearns for attention, you might not always want to spend a lot of time in front of your mirror, taking care of an harmonious complexion.
If you need to hide the red parts of your face a little bit, you can try blemish balm. Instead of looking totally tarted up, you might like to feel and look fresh and almost unvarnished when going shopping at the grocery store or something, right? Well you can get pretty good products and especially BB cream on to help you in any case in which you need fast relief.

Perfect make-up for lazy People


natural makeup, Dr Schrammek blemish control
Amazing natural makeup, Dr Schrammek blemish control you can find here

The speciality about that crème is that it not only covers reddish spots but simultaneously calms your skin with bisabolol and pathenol. I just love using it because it’s simple, effective and makes me feel better when I have to leave the house for a couple of minutes. Also it’s perfect after a hot and exhausting night out with my girls, when I am motivated to do everything but getting into the bathroom to get a complex make-up fixed.

Light make up is the right solution for the day anyway. To underline your positive characteristics, you might not choose a heavy look when it comes to your eyes, rouge and lip stick. Stay true to yourself and enjoy peoples’ admiring glances for you natural beauty!

Have a lovely Day!!!



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