How to make your hair appear longer and thicker! Hair extensions

Irresistible Me Hair extentions Trendsurvivor- hair appear longer


Would you like to make your hair appear longer without having to wait any longer?

How do you feel about long thick hair? As much as I love chic bobs and blonde pixies (on others) I feel more confident and attractive with long hair.

Have you tried hair extensions? The ones you can easily clip on yourself?

I was thrilled when Irresistible Me contact me to collaborate. They have the most amazing quality of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions. 

Remember, I showed you 9 ideas for cool braids and I told I couldn’t wait to try my new extensions. I was so excited to open the package and see if it matches my hair.  I was between Light Brown (on top/the roots) and Ash Blonde towards the ends. So I went with Ash Blonde…

It was a perfect match!


Irresistible Me Hair extentions Trendsurvivor01

Irresistible Me Hair extentions Trendsurvivor04


The product comes in a beautiful black box. Once I open it, I noticed the wefts carefully packaged in a plastic bag with two sections.

The smaller section contains the sample weft that you should open first and make sure the color, length and general hair quality is what you want.

If everything matches your expectations, you can open the bigger section with the rest of the wefts. If you decide you want to exchange or return them, refrain from opening the second section, otherwise the guarantee will be void and we won’t be able to make the exchange or refund for you.

Choosing the right color Tip: If in doubt….Go for the lighter tone because even, if it isn’t your exact shade you can dye it.


Summer Braids using Irresistible Me hair extensions


Irresistible Me Hair extentions Trendsurvivor06

The box has the following:

1 piece of 4 clips (8″), 2 pieces of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.5″)

For this summer hairstyle I used only 1 pieces of 3 clips, 1 of the 2 clips and 1 piece 1 clip to create a side braid appears thicker and longer but in a natural way.

hair appear longer thicker Trendsurvivor braids

Irresistible Me Hair extentions Trendsurvivor side braids

They will look incredible with bride’s hairstyles, too…


Straight hair using Irresistible Me hair extensions


For this hairstyle I used the 1 piece with 4 clips 1 with 3 clips and 2 with 1 clip on each side to make my hair appear longer and thicker in a natural way. How did I live without them…

Hair extensions Irresistible me

Hair Extentsions Irresistible Me Trendsurvivor

And as Evelyn Lauder said: One of the most important things about looking youthful is to have a modern haircut.

Check out the online store, which reasonably priced I must add, offering natural hair extensions that are easy to wear and make your hair appear longer. You can use the special TrendSurvivor readers code-IrresistibleTrend for a 10% discount.


Images- AF, me (TrendSurvivor), Maria Zerva AF

Have a lovely Day!!!


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