Maison Martin Margiela X H&M- The Red Dress


Maison Martin Margiela for HM red dress

Yes!!! Got the amazing Maison Martin Margiela with H&M red dress! I was the day before yesterday at the preview- exclusive H&M Athens fashion party– of the collection from the highly anticipated Maison Martin Margiela collaboration with H&M which is officially launched today, November 15, all over the world. Loved the event, hated it was so crowded! When Tamta- a famous singer-  finished her show you would not believe what happened, unless you where there. People were crabbing the clothes from the shelves. In 20 minutes everything was almost gone. As some of you know, I really wanted the nude shoes with the plexi-glass heel but I didn’t even see them. However, with the dress I was extremely lucky. Just before I left, having decided I will get the tailored grey jacket and the blue elegantly draped, asymmetrical skirt, I spotted one red dress hanging. My heart started beating faster until I made sure it was a 38, which is exactly my size. Yes! It is the re-edition of a Maison Martin Margiela hitched up dress from Spring-Summer 2003. It was the first piece of the collection to be revealed since the partnership was announced in June and I love it!  I wouldn’t believe a few years back I would be proud to wear an H&M dress for the upcoming christmas parties.

Maison Martin Margiela for HM red dress Kenzo belt

Maison Martin Margiela for HM red dress , Marni boots

Maison Martin Margiela for HM red dress

The influential French fashion house Martin Maison Margiela, said, in an interview about the collaboration: “It was exciting for us to re-see some of the most important items. But also to see that they are still, meaningful and up-to-date, that they stand for something today”. So my look is mixed with vintage items which I have bought years ago and I am happy to see they stand the test of time too.

 I was wearing:

Dress Maison Martin Margiela for H and M re-edition of 2003

Belt Vintage Kenzo 1980’s

Bag Vintage Gucci 1994

Sunglasses Miu Miu 2010

Boots Marni 2008 you can find  here

Photos AF

Go back to the unique launch event for Maison Martin Margiela’s collaboration with H&M by watching the video of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s dance performances.

Art and the red dress! Love the Scottish painter Jack Vettriano! The Daily Telegraph has described him as “the Jeffrey Archer of the art world”.

 Scottish painter Jack Vettriano, the red dress

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. It looks AMAZING on you! How lucky you are first to find it, then to fit so nice.
    PS I think we were “squeezed” next to each other on our entrance (If it was you the lady with the beautiful daughter). Bonding!

    1. Sorry for “squeezing” you Giota! I guess it was me, my daughter is beautiful 🙂 and we went together to the party.

    1. Lovely!!! I went on the 15th to give back the brown-burgundy boots and I saw the nude ones too. But they was one pair in my size and not in perfect condition. I hope you enjoy yours 🙂

    1. Thank you Miss M! Great meeting you too. Hope to see you again soon 🙂 🙂

  2. You look great in the dress. Does it run big or true? Want to buy one on ebay but don’t know if I should be my normal US size 4 or go down to size 2 since I heard some of the pieces in this collection ran big. Can you let me know how it fits? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tyler, I am in London now… I can tell you next week for sure when I get home but I think you are right I got one size smaller…

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