Made in England

Made in England

Every girl wants to look stylish. Buy fancy clothes and designer footwear, attend popular parties and fashion shows, visit famous painters galleries and of course follow the latest fashion news. It probably would be hard to find a girl who hasn’t even for ones imagine herself on a cover of fashion magazine: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vanity Fair.  At childhood days the Barbie doll was the fashion goddess for girls. Do you remember how many hours have you spent by making hair-dress or picking the right outfit for your doll? You already were in love with fashion.

Then you became a teenager and found your new goddess: models from fashion magazines and runways, female singers, reality and movie stars. And now you are picking the right outfit for yourself. It is your time and you are ready to make a new haircut and get your nails done.

And now, when you grew up, you are young and confident woman. Your fashion sense have changed. Now you prefer a classic style clothes, designer shoes, expensive jewellery, leading beauticraft companies and gemstones. Your style speaks for you.

At your young and blooming age not only your good look can express who you are. Your car can show the others what kind of woman you are and your attitude. A brand new stylish car will help you with that. And this kind of car already exists! Famous car manufacturing company was inspired by you, your generation, by different culture streams and style varieties when was creating it. They asked the world’s famous designer and stylist Katy England to direct and film a movie about the new fashion device. It was a great opportunity for Kate to try herself in something new. She put away her designing plans for a while and started creating a masterpiece.

Katy-England-Made in England
Katy England directing “Made in England”

The movie is six-minute long and is called Vauxhall Made in England. You can say it’s too short but it really shows a lot. It shows what kind of adventures you can live through while driving a car. The main character meets a four different groups of people of different style, culture and life position. Every meeting is the new experience which brings something special to driver’s life.

In this movie, the car is represented as a personal world where you can be yourself, express your feelings, do whatever you like, say what you think. It represents you. It encourages to take and live every single second and every moment the life is giving you. You are full of energy, your life is filled with colours and events, you are ready to conquer the world with brilliant ideas. Only you can make your life worthy. So what are you waiting for?

Have a lovely Day!!!


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