Carven blue shorts, Gucci Turquoise Celine bag, Miu Miu Heels

Hi Girls! It is still hot in Greece so my new outfit is perfect for a warm summer night. I just got these dark blue Carven shorts one sale  and had to wear them asap. The perfect occasion a pool dinner party! Usually when I buy something new I try to match it with clothes I have and don’t wear anymore to convince my self that it was a good buy and to reinvent my wardrobe… I do it all the time…The older the item I reuse the happier I am.
 Garven clothes
Garven clothes are so tiny … when you buy online better to order one size up. ( Still with my Starbuks Green nails). I know this year it is all about mix and don’t match and I will try to master the art of doing it just for the fun of it … but matching all the colors of my outfit in the necklace made me feel proud…
Gucci handbag turquoise
Somewhere deep in my closet I found this Gucci handbag and I plan to use it this winter… Jewel colors are in fashion … Turquoise Blue… my favorite color!!!
Carven shorts Miu Miu Shoes
Shorts Carven,
Shoes Miu Miu,
Bag Gucci,
Necklace Banana Republic
I am trying to remember how many seasons I have that pair of shoes… must be Winter 2009… or 2008? Anyway, they are super comfortable Miu Miu dark blue suede and it seems I will never stop wearing them season after season from winter to summer.
Cropping the photograph  I realized Ninja ( our cat ) is always in the picture and a part of my life!!

 Have a lovely Day!!!




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