London- Keeping Busy

Flowers for Oliver

I am in London and can’t get over Oliver’s (our super cute cavalier king charles tri color dog) tragic death. I can only imagine what my daughter is going through. Thank you all for your touching emails, comments on my blog and on facebook. Your kind words are so comforting. He was a member of our family and the fun part of my outfit post photo-shoots. I have 57 post with him stealing the show as you can see here. However, if you want to read more about what happened and want to spread the word you can find all the details of the tragedy in the page, Dangerous Dogs in N. Erythrea, Greece.


However, I am in London and even though I want to stay in bed and just look at pictures of Oliver and cry all day, I have a busy schedule this week that I have to follow, hopping time will pass and sooth the pain.

Celine Sunglasses London 2013

Discovering new places for Lunch and Drinks in London

Good Life Juices from London Fashion Week
Good Life Juices from London Fashion Week as seen in Vogue’s blog

Good life eatery salad

Good Life eatery

I met Christina Plakopita from for lunch,yesterday. The talented entrepreneur has created the cool app where you showcase your style to your friends by posting an item, an outfit or a look of yours. You can also get a sneak peek on other people’s closets and get inspired. We will went to the new cafe and deli Good Life eatery, in Sloane Avenue which opened this August and has LA style quality food and a healthy vibe. We talked about fashion, blogging, living abroad, her new plans and the ways she will expand her app. Be ready for some really innovative updates!

Shard London Bar

In the evening I met my sister and her friend Anya who has an amazing interior decor blog Anya Parish Inspirations for drinks at the Shard Aqua bar on the 31st floor that has amazing panoramic views of London. This is London’s latest architectural triumph that echoes New York’s cosmopolitan feel is a place I really wanted to see. 360 degrees of London should be amazing.

Shard breathtaking london view
Shard Aqua Bar breathtaking london view

The new best shows in Theaters in London

Tickets London

One of the most recommended West End theatre shows on right now are “‘The Book of Mormon’ and I have a ticket for tonight.

‘The Book of Mormon’ is, above all, very funny, breathing three-dimensional, all-singing, all-dancing life into the absurdities of literal Mormon dogma without ever being mean.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Nina, I’m with you in this hard a big tragedy..Im shaken too for what happened…Take care and your time dear, seems you are very busy too. Kisses! xo

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. That sounds like a terrible experience, I hope you and your family are healing. Spending some time in London is a good way to keep your mind occupied, sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

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