London Jewelry Exhibition- Dazzle at Oxo Tower

Dazzle at Oxo tower

Thanks to jewelry designer Sallyanne Lowe, I visited the Dazzle Oxo Tower contemporary jewelry exhibition in London. I saw the recent work of some amazing jewelry designers.

As I told you, I had my camera constantly hanging around my neck, like a Japanese tourist, which I understand might not look very stylish but is extremely convenient if you are a fashion blogger eager to share everything inspiring you see. “The annual jewellery showcase in the run-up to Christmas features a huge selection of pieces for sale by designers from 22 diferent countries.” according to timeout.

Dazzle is the oldest and largest exhibition of contemporary jewellery in Europe and it all started in 1981 by Tony Gordon and Christine Bola with the aim to introduce the wealth of talented, innovative jewelry designers from colleges to a wider audience. Loved that the work is for sale and available immediately.

Dazzle at Oxo tower 7


Dazzle at Oxo tower 2

Bracelets created by jewelry designer Sue Gregor

Tony Gordon, by the way, loves Greece. He visits every year and spends more than a month each time. He challenged me he knew every Island in Greece and he did until I mentioned Poliegos a tiny breathtaking uninhabited Island in the Cyclades, next to Milos and Kimolos 🙂 …

The Dazzle Oxo Tower exhibition in South Bank, London will be until 5th Jan 2014. With over 3,000 pieces of unique jewellery for sale it is a must visit if you are looking for artistic, unique fashion and fine jewelry. Prices range from the modest to the luxurious.

Dazzle at Oxo tower 3

Dazzle at Oxo tower 6

Dazzle at Oxo tower 4

Dazzle at Oxo tower 9

Dazzle at Oxo tower 5

You can also find at a wide selection of Dazzle jewelers.

Box from Dazzle at Oxo

Stay tuned I will show you the necklace and earrings I bought…

Photos © me (TrendSurvivor)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Very intrigued by the first picture! is it porcelaine? and if so, what is the red fluffy bit?
    Love what you purchased (inside knowledge)!

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