London Accommodation- The best 3 Cheap and Chic Options

London Night

Stylish hotels in London, like St Martins Lane, in Covent Garden, which is one of my favorites, are relatively expensive. For the time being, I am lucky because I can stay with my sister Yanna, who lives and works in London. However, I have discovered that there are other cool affordable options to hotels. Let me explain. The best 3 cheap and chic alternatives you might want to consider are London bed and breakfast, renting an apartment by the week or exchanging your home.


B&B- Bed and Breakfast

Have I tried it? The answer is yes. When my sister was permanently living in New Zealand, I stayed once at a lovely lady, in Chelsea. I rented her spare bedroom and bathroom in her stylish home. Even though I was in a very classy neighborhood, in a beautiful house, I payed very little per night. You can save a lot of money by using online companies like

Covent Garden home
Covent Garden home

Rent an apartment

I love staying in Covent Garden because I like going to the theatre at night and shopping during the day. So, I definitely recommend checking the rates for renting an apartment. You could stay in an super cool apartment in Covent Garden for as low as 38 per night using or

Covent Garden Eggs

Exchange you home

Remember, when we went to Australia… we stayed at the amazing Edwardian House of Maree and Peter Kelly in Seddon, Melbourne. It was an  exchange with my sister’s London apartment. You can exchange your home too with a similar one in London. You can check out your options at



Go on, tell us have tried any of these alternative types of accommodation in London?

Have a lovely Day!!!


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    1. It is in Melbourne, in Australia. Exchanging houses is an interesting concept worth exploring when you wish to travel.

  1. Great tips! I always try to rent an apartment whenever I travel, it’s the best and you really feel like you are living there!

      1. Oh I wish… I’ve never been. What i usually do is call up a random real estate agent and get them to find something for me!

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