Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic

Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0006

When I saw the images of the famous Australian artist Lisa Tomasetti I was impressed. I was looking for a reason to make them relevant to my fashion and travel blog and I think I found it. Athletic chic street style has always been part of my daily outfits and ballerina flats are what I wear mostly in spring. I love the ethereal aesthetic of Urban Dancewear and I think dance tops have the absolute perfect fit. My favorite store is I use to take ballet classes when I was young but I soon realized that being too tall wasn’t an advantage. I hope you will enjoy this great collection of images capturing breathtaking ballet dancers dancing in the streets of New York, Paris and Tokyo. I love their mesmerizing elegance set against a more rough urban setting. Lisa Tomasetti has worked as a visual artist and film stills photographer for the past 23 years and has exhibited her work in many Galleries throughout Australia.



Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0004

Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0005

Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0007

Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0008

Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0009

Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0003Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0002

Lisa Tomasetti- Dance Athletic Chic-0000


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    1. Lisa Tomasetti is an amazing artist and wearing dance-wear makes you feel so elegant.

  1. Really energizing & lovely…I miss my hometown (NYC) and wish I could leap like that!

  2. Hi Nina! These images are gorgeous! I also took classic dance courses when I was young and I really love it!:) Kisses! xo

    1. I wish I could do it again. Ballet dancing was so much fun and I loved the dance-gear.

  3. Wow, such stunning shots – we’ve had a dance competition on in my city and a lot of the dancers have been coming to our studios and oh my goodness, so much talent and when they jump it looks magical! Thanks for sharing x

    1. I guess many but you never know. Lisa Tomasetti is extremely talented and so are the dancers…

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