Lisa Eldridge | Flattering Everyday Shimmer Makeup Tips

Lisa Eldridge | Flattering Everyday Shimmer Makeup Tips

I love shimmer makeup but I had to watch Lisa’s Eldridge new video really carefully to learn how to master it for an everyday flattering chic look.

A little bit of shimmer for Autumn Fall  looks great on all skin tones and all ages.

For a light coverage she used the new YSL makeup, Le Teint Encre de Peau

However, I am still using lately the Bourjois CC foundation Lisa recommended in a previous video. It works wonders on my sun-kissed face.

Shimmer makeup Tips

1. The more mature your skin is you need to use low level thinner smaller shimmer. So instead of buying glittering eyeshadows you need shimmering ones.

2. Use a lot of mascara to define your lashes. Lisa used the Lancome Grandiose – Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara 1 – noir mirifique

The Lancome marcara has a “smart design” brush. It is angled so that it sits away from your face and you don’t get mascara on the bridge of your nose! Don’t you hate when that happens?!

3. You need shape and definition when using shimmer. Use a dark shadow or pencil to define your eyes and a lip pencil to define your lips. Lisa used under the Nars Lip gloss the Charlotte Tibury pillow talk lip pencil all over her lips. I usually use Mac Lip pencil but you know me I am ready to try what Lisa Eldridge says!

Simple Shimmer Makeup – Everyday Look Video

Get the look

Have a lovely Day!!!


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