Lilly Andrews- White lace

Lilly Andrews- White lace Sandro dress

Lilly Andrews- White Sandro lace dress

Lilly Andrews- dress Paros garden

Lilly Andrews- White lace03

I met Lilli Andrews a few days ago at a dinner party in an amazing villa in Paros, Greece and I loved her delicate bodybon white lace dress. She is still a high school student, plans to study economics like her mother and dreams of going to Coachella one day soon…

I loved her style. She got her dress from Sandro a few weeks back and her shoes are from Topshop. I asked where she shops and gave me a tip about a cool store called Motel Rocks. It has trendy clothes and offers a 20% student discount.

We both love Asos and Missguided.

Lilli is wearing:

Elastic lace white dress Sandro (very similar long sleeve white lace dress, midi here and  here, similar here and here)

Sandals wooden heel Topshop

By the way Niki and I started collaborating with Missguided. Stay tuned …

Photos © me (Trend Survivor)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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    1. I hadn’t thought of that nice idea!!!! and you will have money to shop more…Good luck!

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