Leather on Leather… Day 2 Night

oliver dog leather pants

No need to analyze in depth again my inspirations for wearing leather on leather. You can see my pots here, here and here. I think you might be convinced by now to try this hot fall fashion trend too. The idea basically is.. you take out of your closet every leather item you own and you try to match them together with out being afraid to wear too much of it all at once. Even though sometimes I feel bad about wearing leather and fur because it is unethical to the animals I hate “vegan” plastic ones more. (By the way, I just saw this shocking picture about plastic.) Shopping my closet I found a black leather athletic style pants I got years ago from Stenia boutique and styled two looks. One for day and one for night using the pants and my Ferragamo top as a base and changing only the accessories. For the day look I wore YSL ankle boots and a Tod’s jacket. For the evening look I wore stiletto Prada pumps and a shimmering grey Isabel Marant jacket that will be perfect for Halloween too :)…

How To Wear a Leather Pants … Day

 Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou Fashion Blogger

TOD'S jacket

YSL ankle boots

How To Wear a Leather Pants… Night

Oliver dog - leather outfit


Oliver dog

Night leather look

I was wearing:

Top Salvatore Ferragamo, you can find similar here

Jacket- Day- Tod’s you can find similar here

Jacket-Night- Isabel Marant you can find similar here

Pants Leather, Preview you can find here, similar here and  here

Shoes-Day- YSL ankle boots, you can find similar here  and here

Shoes- Night- Stiletto Prada pumps you can find similar herehere and  here 

Clutch- Day- Prada Fantasy

Clutch-Night- Chloe

Which one do you like more?

Photos AF

Have a lovely Day!!!


    1. Thanks Miranda! I am afraid I will see it after a few years and laugh 🙂

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