LBD The great equaliser

The little black dress is fashion’s most iconic garment and a great equaliser. See why in the video below…

I love this video as it shows an important part of the history of fashion and the one garment worth investing in. In these crazy times we are living this is the one piece that is worth having in a perfect cut that suits you and good quality.

The little black dress plays such a starring role in our wardrobes that it has its own special designation: the LBD. In this video, Vogue’s Hamish Bowles takes us through its history, decade by decade, from Coco Chanel to Cushnie.  

Minimalism and conscious consumerism are part of my vocabulary now. I hope yours too… So I have searched the web to find my favourite black dresses on sale.

Classic cocktail dress for most body types.

If you have a small waist check this one out.

This one is sleeveless but can be worn all seasons.

I would go for this one by Cushnie 80% off. 🙂 or this Altuzarra’s figure flattering dress at 70% off. I might add this easy to wear LBD for 27 euro.

Conscious consumerism for me is easier than minimalism…..

Enjoy your day!!


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