Laundry Cleaning Problems Solved | 13 Easy Natural Fixes


Read the easy natural fixes that will solve fashion girls everyday cleaning problems like what to use for removing grease from shoes and a genius way to wash silk at home.

12+1 guaranteed cleaning solutions to simplify your life.

1. Wash your silk garments with shampoo,

2. Use bear to clean gold jewelry and ketchup for silver,

3. Use baby wipes to remove makeup stains from clothes,

4. Use dish soap to remove grease stains from clothes and baby powder from leather.


Solving wardrobe hacks- cleaning problems solved


5.  Change lacing techniques to make sneakers fit more comfortably, 6. Roll your clothes instead of fold, 7. Put pearls directly in the sun, if they have imperfections they are real, 8. Clean your suede with a toothbrush


Easy Clothes Hack Fixes


9. Vaseline will unstick a zipper, remove grease stains from patent shoes and polish leather shoes,

10.  Add vinegar to your wash to remove sweat stains,

11. Vodka removes odor and cleans glasses,

12. 409 can remove lipstick from clothes


fashion girl easy fixes-cleaning problems solved


13. More cleaning problems solved with the Laundry Stain Remover Cheat Sheet from TheGloss

I usually ‘pin’ infographics but sometimes, like in this case, I feel the urge to print it.

How to treat all of the common spills from coffee drips to deodorant stains should be near your laundry…


Laundry Stain Remover Cheat Sheet


Images for collages- Who What Wear

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