Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him


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As much as I would love to write a post about Valentine’s Gift Ideas for her, you, me, I know it would be much help. Shopping for men, especially last minute,  can be a nightmare, I know. Valentine’s day is this Saturday!!!! Panic!

They are few options, however, that you can find online that even though you left your gift shopping for the last minute will look thoughtful.

1. Send a book on his Kindle

Go to Amazon Kindle Books, choose the category he likes and go for the four, five star options…or ask his best friend for suggestions…

Even though I am no expert, I loved the The Last Island by David Hogan,  a universal tale of escape, love and redemption.

The latest addition to my Kindle  is written by my friend Lara’s mom Joanna Harcourt-Smith Tripping the Bardo with Timothy Leary: My Psychedelic Love Story and it really looks promising. I know the story and I always felt somebody should write a book about it.

2.  Get him a subscription 

An interesting option is Amazon Prime. You will get unlimited one day deliveries, unlimited streaming of more than 15,000 movies and TV episodes with Prime Instant Video.


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3. Get him the Sexy playlist

The i Tunes Valentines Special from various artists has all the romance you need.

4. Buy him a cashmere sweater

I don’t know any man who doesn’t love the soft touch of a cashmere sweater. I have found stylish cotton-cashmere and cashmere sweaters on sale at Nordstrom and love this grey one from H&M on sale. I would suggest a black v-neck, but then again you know best.


5. Decorate with heart his bathroom mirror

Last minute Valentine's Gift Ideas

You can just write something with your red lipstick or do that heart extravaganza with post-it.

6.  Buy a  classy pair of headphones

Even though you can find last-minute gifts at a local store you can order online.  Bummer, you will have to pay extra for express shipping but  this is what happens when you leave your shopping for the last few days.

I found many stylish tech accessories at Mr Porter! Depending on how much you are willing to spend you can order the Native Union blue drop wireless charger ($50) or a special travel shaving set ($170), or a stylish Acne studios wallet with zipper, or an elegant leather Valentino card holder ( Euro 150), Taschen book The epic journey of Apollo 11 ( euro 67), L’ objet a magnifying glass ( euro 195)



Have a lovely Day!!!

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