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Stylish Kitchen Updates- World Market


1. Ball Pint Mason Jars , 2. Kerr Half Pint wide mouth Jars, 3. Red Waffle Weave Towels, 4. Mini porcelain square plates, 5. Olivewood Cutting board, 6. Olivewood Cheese Grater, 7. Edin Wood 2-tiered Stand, 8. Striped Wood Salad Bowl


Stylish kitchen updates made easy with a few elegant and affordable additions to your home.

I’ve been looking at tiered stands for my countertop. I finally found the one! Itʼs beautifully designed with a metal top and a wooden base. Since I love glass mason jars and containers I bought different sizes and used them to decorate the stand with fresh herbs and my everyday spices and teas. It now sits on my countertop inspiring me to cook:)

I loved the Mason Jar salads cookbook. It has great recipes, and it gives me another way to use my pint size glass mason jars. Filled with my favorite salads they look beautiful in my fridge and they are a healthy choice for a grab and go lunch for the whole family (well maybe not for my youngest yet…:)

Parmesan is my favorite cheese so I got the olivewood cheese grater to replace my old stainless one, which was definitely ready to go! It works fast, and there is no mess, since all the cheese is contained. Combined with a new wooden board and some cute white porcelain bowls it has become my little taste of Tuscany corner:)

Fruit is a staple in our home so I couldnʼt resist the striped wooden salad bowl. It combines the warmth of wood and the brightness of summer in its colorful stripes. A perfect place for all our fruit to ripen and for our salads at the dinner table:)

Summer, Iʼm ready!





While this is a sponsored post by World Market, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.


Images – Nina Papaioannou, World Market

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