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The Kendal Jenner party smokey eye tutorial

The Kendal Jenner party smokey eye tutorial

I absolutely love this party smokey eye tutorial that shows what Lisa Eldridge did on Kendal Jenner for the her photoshoot of US Vogue. With wedding/party season just around the corner I’ve decided to share it.

Kendal’s was a glossy, smudgy, grungy modern smokey eye that can be done for “real life” in various degrees which you can see in the following Lisa Eldridge video.

Kendal Jenner signature party smokey eye tutorial

Party glossy smokey eye tutorial video

Watch how to get Kendall Jenner’s signature Smoky Eye.

Lisa  brakes down exactly how to get the look, whether you want a toned-down option or you want to go full-on grunge like Kendall.

Tips and tricks for a trendy party smokey eye

Fill eyebrows in with a light powder and gel so they don’t get lost behind the intense look

Lots of black mascara

Put a tiny bit of powder under the eyes to stop smudging too much.

Use a nude pencil color for the lips and a peachy lip balm or lipstick.

Products worth purchasing

Becca Simmering skin perfector for highlighting the upper cheeks and the center of nose and forehead.

Maybeline Color Tattoo cream eye shadow in black or Aqua black waterproof cream eye shadow

Stila black smudge stick

TOM FORD Lip Color Bare Peach

Have a lovely Day!!!

Images-, Lisa Eldridge

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