Keeping It Together On Prom Night


While prom is one of the most fun, fabulous nights of the year, it can also be stressful. But don’t miss out on the fun for being overwhelmed with the pre-prom prep.

Here’s how you can stay calm in the lead up to the night and during prom night.
Emma Stone Cannes 2015[br]

Prom dress inspiration Cannes 2015 evening-wear black and silver gowns
Designer prom dress inspiration from the 2015 Cannes Festival


Fit in Fitness

Besides wanting to look completely fab in your designer prom dresses, try to get some physical activity in on the morning of prom to minimize stress. Hit the gym or go for a jog. Get some fresh air and work off that nervous energy and you will feel fresh, calm and fabulous come prom night.

Eat to Keep Your Mood Right

It’s hard enough to eat right at the best of times but besides all the primping and appointments on prom day, make sure you don’t skip meals. You’ll have no energy for dancing the night away and you’ll feel cranky and sluggish. What’s more, stay away from greasy snacks that will leave you feeling bloated and miserable in your prom dress.

Drink Plenty Water

Drink water throughout the day and during prom night to flush toxins and keep your skin glowing. It will also help to keep your energy levels up.

Pamper Time

With all the prom-day prep going on, remember to take some time out to relax. In between appointments, do a little DIY pampering to set the mood for the night. Have a hot bath, play some relaxing tunes and light an aromatherapy candle to help you completely de-stress. An exfoliating scrub will help you glow on prom night.

Fun Focus

Don’t get bogged down by all the details of the night that you forget to have fun. The night should be about spending time with your friends, gawking over designer prom dresses and hitting the dance floor.

No Body Glitter

This one is a big beauty don’t for prom night. If you want to stay fab throughout prom night, choose shimmering lotions for the perfect glow and avoid looking like a glitter ball. Also stay away from glittery eye shadows so you don’t end up with sparkle all over your face or have to spend the night worrying about touching up your make-up.

No Dewy Skin

Prom night will be all about capturing the moment, too, and that means plenty of flashing cameras. You’ll want maximum skin oil control throughout the night so you don’t look greasy in the photos. The night before prom, use a shine control mask that has rice protein technology which will absorb the oil and make sure you look fresh and glowing throughout the night.

If your skin does look a little oily right before photo time, use the back of your hand to lightly blot away oil.

Take a Touch-Up Kit

Of course you’ll want to look gorgeous all night long in your designer prom dress and overall. Take a touch-up kit with you which should include items like bobby pins, lipstick, breath mints, blotting paper, a small deodorant and also a spare pair of stockings if you’re wearing any. If you’ve opted for a serious up-style, it’s also a good idea to take a long a miniature bottle of hairspray. It’ll come in handy after spinning about on the dance floor.


Pace Yourself

To stay fabulous throughout prom night, pace yourself in every way. So if you have a huge up-do or far-out blue eye shadow, don’t overdo things. Go for subtle elegance and you’ll notice how much better your natural beauty will come across in photos and personality.

Most of all, relax, have fun and enjoy your special night. It’s probably the only prom you’ll have.

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