Kate Moss 12 Super Model Beauty Secrets

Kate Moss shares her latest beauty secrets …

Stella McCartney for fa

She recently told W magazine she loves Black Eyeliner and Chanel No. 5!

The supermodel and style icon shares 11 of her beauty notes.

1. Daily routine:
It changes everyday.
2. Exercise regime:
3. Beauty essentials:
Crème de La Mer.
4. Skincare secret:
Ice in the morning.
5. Day to night look:
Black eyeliner.
6. Manicure or pedicure:
7. Pilates or yoga:
8. Best advice from mom:
Don’t mix the grapes and the grains.
9. Best advice from the pros:
Always take cashmere blanket.
10. Necessary splurge:
11. Drugstore favorite:
12. Fragrance of choice:
Chanel No. 5

Photographed by Lasse Flode Kate Moss Beauty Secrets

Kate Moss Photographed by Lasse Flode and Kate Moss for Stella McCartney Eyewear

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