June Instagram Recap | Summer Selfies and more

blue pool blue sea blue sky Greece Instagram

Have you seen the video about selfies? The one all about the overwhelming sense of self doubt before you press share? Hilarious!

Just what I needed for my June  Instagram @Trend Survivor recap. Most of the pics are selfies and Spot is my star puppy! I hope you will enjoy this month’s  Instagram recap

Blue Summer

It is all blue this summer … nails too

Greek German sandals

Greek and German sandals are on the daily menu

Greek Island

More Greek Island summer blue

Hair styles

My summer hairstyles are braids and a top bun…

Spot tries to stay cool ..under the couch

I am obsessed with my new retro print playsuit by Missguided.

Outfits and Spot

Summer outfits. Spot our baby cavalier king Charles, making sure I will not go anywhere without him.

Paros Night

Paros late night shopping at art group


So glad summer has just began!

Photos © Instagram@Trend Survivor

Have a lovely Day!!!


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