My Cozy… Jumper and fringed leather skirt

Zara fringed leather skirt Nina Papaioannou

Show stopping jumpers and knitwear are so trendy this fall. I love them because they keep me cozy and… chic. My favorite ones are oversized and are nothing but laid back luxe. Understated? I don’t think so. Sweaters make a fashion statement, they feel sexy and they look great over mini skirts, skinny jeans and leather leggings. Looking effortlessly well dressed is, usually, my goal. (I say usually just because I know that sometimes you can’t hide the fact it took some time to get that perfect match!)

I got my asymmetric v-neck cozy jumper in black and white from Zara this season and the fringed leather skirt at the Zara summer sale, for 12 euro. I styled them together because I love the fact that you can only see a tiny part of the skirt. My Alaia shoes are one of the most amazing high quality, comfortable, sky high boots I own. Wearing such an on trend jumper, an edgy skirt and the cool ankle boots gave me the chance to wear my almost forgotten vintage Christian Dior saddle handbag. I love shopping my closet for seemingly outdated items and making them look trendy. It wasn’t that cold but I wanted to add to this outfit my Giorgio Armani cocoon androgynous coat. This fall is all about cozying up!!! Will you follow the trend?


Jumper scarf Dior bag zara fringed leather skirt

jumper leather skirt Alaia booties

Nina Papaioannou Trendsurvivor

Androgynous cocoon coat Armani

 Alaia booties ankle

Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou

Bag- Christian Dior Black Leather Gaucho Hobo

Jumper- Zara you can find here

Leather skirt- Zara

Ankle boots- Alaia you can find similar past season here, this season here

Androgynous coat- Giorgio Armani oversized coat you can find similar here and  here

Photos AF

Submitted to IFB Project #118: Sweater Girls

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. Love the layering on this outfit and all the different shades of grey. The whole ensemble would drown me but hey I don’t care – I would be warm in that gorgeous coat.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, SUE! The coat is super soft, warm and cozy…my mother gave it to me last year when she saw the androgynous style in a magazine…it must be more than 10 years old!

    1. Hmm…I thought it was sunny and warm in Australia and you go to the beach 🙂

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