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It's Snow Time // Snow outfit ideas (video) - TrendSurvivor

It’s Snow Time // Snow outfit ideas (video)

It was snowing in Athens a few days ago, maybe you saw the Acropolis all white in the news, and I could not resist doing a video with three snow time outfit ideas.

Basically, it was an all black outfit and I was changing the look with the outwear.

Basic look :

Cashmere black jumper M&S

Suede leather leggings , ski pants leggings Bogner

Snow boots Sorel, similar black snow boots Sorel , black Sorel on sale, apres- ski Sorel boots, more styles here

Look 1 : Faux orange jacket from Antlopologie (past season) , similar orange fur jacket with collar on sale

Chanel handbag, check for pre-loved here

Look 2 : How to style a Duvet puffer coat

Wool pom pom beanie, similar light taupe cashmere and fur pom pom beanie by Black

Puffer coat by Bogner, similar H&M light blue puffer short coat

Prada tote bag, similar messenger Prada bag

Missoni wool scarf

Look 3 : Off white jacket Zara, similar H&M off-white faux fur jacket or this short collarless fur jacket

Chanel bag

Thank you for reading!

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