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Italian Fashion 2011-2012 : Pinko is my new Unique love ! - TrendSurvivor

Italian Fashion 2011-2012 : Pinko is my new Unique love !

Pinko 2012 Uniqueness
Pinko Uniqueness 2012
Pinko Uniqueness 2012

Pinko is a well known Italian fashion brand! Founded  in the 1980’s by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, Pinko claims to owe it’s success to brand awareness and value. True but what Pinko is really good at is edgy style for chic trendy women! I love the freshness of the designs combined with quality and value for money! The Made in Italy Pinko has more than 800 shops worldwide, including the flagship stores in London, Paris and Milan, and a turnover of 148 million Euros in 2008.

Carmen Kass for Pinko

What attracted my attention to their fashion looks were the unorthodox color combinations, the fun layering concepts and the rock chic aspect of their Italian fashion. All fashionistas can definitely grab an idea or two from this unique brand and learn how to combine their clothing and jewelry pieces into unbelievable outfits with taste.

Paris Fashion Week: Pinko ‘Uniqueness’ Event

Alessandra Facchinetti and Pietro Negra’s collaborative debut of Uniqueness, a ready-to-wear line launched in Paris.

Alessandra Faccinetti and Pietro Negra

Pinko presented  their s/s 2012 collection ‘Uniqueness‘ designed by Alessandra Facchinetti, in the Musée Jeu de Paume, a place which matched the collection perfectly. The thing I loved about Uniqueness : it is season-less.  Alessandra Facchinetti sure  knows what she’s doing and she’s very talented!

Pinko Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

Facchinetti, born in 1972,  began her career in 1994 as artistic coordinator for Prada, working on the menswear and womenswear at Miu Miu for seven years. In 2000, Facchinetti was named design director of prèt-a-porter collections at Gucci before becoming Tom Ford’s successor as creative director at Gucci in 2004. “I’m excited to have the chance to work on such an innovative and unconventional project,” said Facchinetti in a release.

Loved the dress by Mark Fast designed for Pinko 2010

The collaboration with Mark Fast is part of a new fashion project to work with talented young designers on the creation of experimental collections which combine creativity with business sense.

I love this young-thinking Italian brand!!!

Fast is the latest in a band of London-based designers who are injecting a note of ‘stile inglese’ into the traditional heart of Milan Fashion.

Erin Wasson by Terry Richardson for Pinko FW09/10 Ad Campaign

My Pinko Dress

I wore my Pinko silk dress with Isabelle Marant shoes

I have been a Pinko fun from the moment I bought my silk lizard dress with black lace details!!! So fashionable this year too but I would wear it with boots and a leather jacket!

I love the hat and the black eyeliner!

Explore your funkier stylish side by adding more Pinko into your life and if you are in Greece visit the new flagship store in Kolonaki by Rakas Group ! Let’s bring some fashion fun and a smile to our lives!

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