Isabel Marant for H and M- Bohemian Chic Must haves


Isabel Marant X H&M black and white look with fringed boots
Isabel Marant X H&M black and white look with fringed boots

I was really curious about the new Isabel Marant for H and M collection. The black and white blouse with the iconic fringed boots is on top of my shopping list. I have a petite obsession with Isabel Marant garments especially silk dresses, pants and shoes. I checked my blog, 120 posts include garments from the master of bohemian chic, the famous French designer. So you could say, I am an Isabel Marant expert. Have a look at my favorites from the Isabel Marant X H and M collaboration. Even though I can’t wait for the launch on November 14, I am afraid I can’t deal with the stress and the drama to get my hands on these items.

4 Bohemian Chic Must haves from the Isabel Marant for H and M collection

Number one are the fringed boots, then the bohemian chic shirt, the black and white tartan pumps and the long cardigan!



I am loving the new amazing black and white pumps. I have the poppy suede pumps and they are extremely flattering and easy to walk. I would be interested in the red pants too only if they are made of real leather, which I doubt.

Isabel Marant X H and M- More the cadigan

The cardigan is versatile and truly bohemian chic. I need that too…

Have a lovely Day!!!


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