iPhone Photography- 7 Tips for Better Pictures

New Yorker Alice Gao InstagramNow this is an article all we instagramers have to read, because the 7 Tips for Better iPhone Photography gives the guidelines you need in the new iPhoneography era. Instagram is the most popular dedicated photo-sharing site on the web and if you want to see 10 Instagram Photographers You Should Follow this is the latest Forbes list.

The 7 useful tips for better smartphone photos 

1. Understand your camera’s limitations. For example, phones are not designed to do well in low light situations.

2. Keep your camera steady. Avoid holding your camera with one hand. Holding your phone like a normal camera will steady it and ensure that your pictures are as crisp and clear as possible.

3. Don’t use the zoom. Some smartphones have a zoom, never use that if you want a good quality photo.

4. Understand the light. Just as with photographing with a traditional camera, light is crucial. Best practice is to keep the sun behind you and your subject.

5. Clean your lens. Easy to forget, huh? Cleaning your lens is crucial!

6. Take couple of shots. The lovely thing about digital photos is that you can take as many pictures as you like with no extra cost. So take a advantage of that.

7. Play with the apps. You can use apps like Camera+ , Synthcam, Snapseed and Over. Have fun and share on Instagram.

I will try to implement all the tips so get ready for some improved pics on Instagram@trendSurvivor

Source- picturecorrect.com

Janske Kaethoven Instagram picture tulips

Photos © Alice Gao, Janske Kaethoven

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