Bedroom Furniture Ideas | 12 Best Bedroom Stories

Bedroom Furniture ideas Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas

My 12 best bedroom stories are about inspiring bedroom furniture ideas and interior decoration. What did you think?

Have a look at some interesting creative headboards and beautiful bedside tables to get fresh ideas shopping ideas.

Check out the details and you will see how you can create an Elle Decor stylish bedroom vibe without changing to many things. For example bedroom interior decor idea #1 – I love the two chandeliers in the image above…

I renovated my bedroom furniture last year, so for me this Fall it’s all about new bedsheets. I got my first one from Zara Home and now I am in the search of second one.

12 Best Bedroom Furniture decoration Ideas

#1. Parisian chic total white (image above)

#2. Total white bed linen matched with white shabby chic simple furniture.

White Bedroom ideas Furniture ideas shabby chic

#3. Love the grey wall as well as the easy DIY painting over the headboard. Plus the faux animal fur bed cover…

Bedroom Furniture ideas Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas

#4. Alternative Bedroom Furniture Ideas…Using palettes as a bed frame can work for a boy’s room or a guest bedroom.

Bedroom furniture ideas Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas palettes

#5. The coolest bedside table I have ever seen. Hanging a piece of wood from the ceiling with ropes is genius!

Bedroom Furniture ideas hanging bedside table

#6. Using a wooden or leather chest as a bedside table is always a classic stylish idea.

Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas

#7. Building a bed frame instead of buying one is a very Greek style Cycladic architecture interior decor idea!

Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas

#8. A one bedroom flat with a queen sized bed, a round bathtub, small kitchen and couch. All you need for a summer home.

loft bedroom

#9. Use a statement leather lounge chair and keep the rest of the decoration minimal.

Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas

#10. Use old wooden details to create a shabby chic stylish vibe.

Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas

#11. Use a wooden ladder instead of bedside table. We have seen them in the bathrooms with towels… why not use them in the bedroom as well?

Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas

#12. Use old doors as headboards.

Interior-Decoration-Inspiring-Bedroom ideas



Photos- Elle Decor, Pinterest

Have a lovely sleep!!!



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