Instagram Summer Vacation What did you do this August?


A picture is a thousand words, as they say, so here is a Trendsurvivor Instagram Summer recap from this year’s vacation adventures that says more about August in Greece than I could say in writing.

I will tell you an alternative Greek salad recipe and share the secret of fishing sea urchins if you love eating them as much as we do.


cruise Greece, boat view

Glistrida greek salad

Forget, the traditional Greek salad with tomatoes and feta cheese and try this one. This salad is called glistrida or andrakla. You add cherry tomatoes salt, oil and lemon and you have a tasty healthy low calorie summer dish. This Instagram Summer picture was taken in Spetses, Greece at Siorras restaurant.

Insatgram summer Greece, Spetses horse and carriage

Spot, our baby King Charles Cavalier, was even more excited than us going out every night. Greek Island life is fun from day to night even for a dog. It’s so perfect in Spetses there are no cars and if you don’t feel like walking you can take a horse and carriage ride… Spot’s favorite way to travel…

Insatgram summer Greece11

Tsiro and Spot

Spot making new friends.

Bikini Cocktails and Snaks

Hot spot … Bikini Cocktails and Snacks in Spetses

tiles Poseidonio Spetses

The tiles at Poseidonion Grand Hotel are just a detail… of this historic landmark of Spetses  that has been renovated to perfection.

Myrto Makri painting

Loved Myrto Makri’s painting. The sister of jewelry designer Ileana Makri manages the cutest little art store ever, inside Poseidonion Grand Hotel during summer and paints in her spare time.

boat outfit Greece

Cruising to Monemvassia. A classic boat outfit calls for a blue white striped blouse.

Insatgram summer Greece

Cruising and blogging… best combo!

sea urchins ready to eat

My friend Tania taught me how to fish sea urchins… You just need a fork when you dive. You can easily spot the female sea urchins because they have sea leaves on them.

Insatgram summer Greece12

Back home getting ready for Fall Winter 2015 outfit posts… Thank you MyTheresa

Have a lovely Day!!!


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