Instagram September 2014 Recap

I almost forgot to post on the blog the Instagram  September 2014 Recap. I was postponing it from one day to the other in the beginning of the month until I realized it is almost the end of October.

I enjoyed searching through the best warmer day, Instagram  September 2014 pictures on the TrendSurvivor account.

Spot, our baby Cavalier King Charles is the star of the month and today is his birthday!

Oh! Summer should be all year long!

Instagram September 2014 Best Photos

Instagram September 2014 Spot our baby cavalier King Charles

1. Opi burgundy nail polish.  2. A walk at ktima Syngrou with Spot and his friend Emma.  3. Spot next to my old Golden Goose cowboy boots  4. Spot and the bags Celine and Proenza Schouler

shoes on instagram

1. Beige Valentino Rockstuds  and salmon  2. Birkenstocks, Dania’s Jerome Dreyfuss leopard bag and baby Spot  3. Wearing Isabel Marant dicker suede ankle boots and looking at my new Talulah parcel 4. Black Valentino Rockstuds and the Proenza Schouler backpack

Outfits and shoes

1. Spot loooves eating boxes but I am not giving him the Matches Fashion floral one  2. Dania and me at her house 3. Athens is greener than I thought 4. Pretty salad

Broken glasses food

1. Spot ate my Chanel sunglasses… even the glass.. crazy boy… because I didn’t take him with me We both learned the hard way that he is not coming with me every time I go out the door 2.  Pavlov’s Lab (see facebook page) amazing sweets 3. Lemisios ballerina flats since 1912.   4. The chicken salad at Wagamama in Golden hall shopping mall. Best lunch brake.


Have a lovely Day!!!


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