Instagram Recap- August Part 3- Ancient Ruins, Museums, Food, Jewelry and High Heels

Instagram, Trendsurvivor, August 3. Food, Ancient ruins, Chanel

My iphone Intagram pictures collages include from my trip to Thessaloniki, some amazing icons from the Byzantine Museum,  inspiring jewelry from the Archeological Museum and as always delicious looking food. But let’s not forget I am a passionate fashion blogger so all this is mixed with designer handbags like my mother’s baby blue Chanel bag and my Gucci tote … oh! …and high heel stiletto shoes.
Collage August, Food, Museum, Ancient jewelry

Instagram August Recap 3-1, food, Roman Ruins, Electra Palace Hotel

Collage Trendsurvivor, Food. Ancient ruins,Gucci

Trensurvivor Gucci, YSL, Prada Shoes

 I am obsessed with shoes, obviously…

Prada Stiletto delicate straps Sandals, similar here

Yves Sant Laurant Purple Tribute Sandals, same style different color here

Gucci Ivory and Gold Stiletto Sandals, similar here

Yves Saint Laurant Nude Sandals, similar here

Photos AF

 Have a lovely Day!!!




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