Instagram October Recap

October Instagram recap October Instagram October Instagram Spot

This is my Instagram October recap… If you like what you see, you can follow me on Instagram@TrendSurvivor

I warn you…our baby cavalier Spot is in a lot of pictures… Can you handle super cuteness??

Regarding shopping my outfits on Instagram

If you sign up at you will get an email with the details of my outfits… That is, only when you like a photo on Instagram.

It is an incredible system!

Let me explain further How To Shop Fashion Bloggers and

TrendSurvivor on INSTAGRAM


Step 1 : Sign up with your email at LIKEtoKNOW IT

Step 2 : Like my Instagram posts that include links

Step 3 : Open your email and receive ready to shop pictures with links

You will love it….

It is kind of addictive….

Tech heroes Glamour Amber Venz

Not only  Vogue uses LIKEtoKNOW IT too :) but Amber Venz was one of the 10 Glamour magazine tech heroes of 2014 for her LikeToKnow.It Instagram invention.

Amber Venz Box, 27 A former blogger and founder of RewardStyle, a tool that allows you to buy items directly from fashion blogs (we use it on!), Venz Box invented an even more addictive shopping Now, if you “like” an Instagram photo enabled by the program, you’ll get sent an email with links to all the items, almost immediately. There goes my bank account.

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Have a lovely Day!!!

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