Inspiring Tips for White Color Decoration

How to use white right when you are decorating your home. Renowned interior designers give their expert advice on white color decoration and I have found the most beautiful pictures to inspire you.

As temperatures get colder and we spend more time indoors redecorating is back on the table.

Cozy white decor

Rules for decorating in white for your living room, kitchen and bedroom

1. Embrace the lived in look

shabby chic white knit for bed, White Color Decoration

Interior decorator Rachel Ashwell explains : My motto is beauty and comfort. If you embrace the lived in look, white is practical. According to Huffington Post, she has been synonymous with shabby chic for 20 years.

2. Choose white!

White Color Decoration, Industrial-Interior-Concrete-Wood-Minimal-

white sofa

Go for white instead of beige. Because, beige is … boring!

3. Match white with pastels

white with pastels


Pair white with pastels carefully.

4. Focus on statement pieces


According to minimalist interior designer Darryl Carter, strip away busy patterns and loud colors and focus on well curated pieces. White makes old things more current.

Taking his advice, I just painted my grandmothers brown wooden sofa, mat white and it looks super stylish.

4. Explore the different shades of white

different shades of white

There are many variations of white with different undertones… like blue, pink, grey. Paint a small part on your wall and see it at different times of the day and then decide what you like.

5. Use wooden furniture

wooden furniture matched with white

When you decorate with white wooden furniture will warm up your home.

6.  Use creams and ivories, too

white kitchen traditional cotemporary style

However, interior designer Suzanne Kasler explains not all whites match.

7. Off white wall paint

white decor

Another, tried and true white decorating rule, according to Editor-in-Chief of Southern Living, Lindsay Bierman is that the perfect shade of white paint for your walls is the Benjamin Moore Ivory White (925).

8. Add a touch of black

white-loks-like-heaven, White Color Decoration

In a total white white home add some black furniture.

9. Adopt a white dog !!

white dog white chair

Hahahaha … Just kidding 🙂 but he is adorable! and uber stylish!!

Images – Elle Decor, Country living, Trendland, Oracle Fox

Have a lovely Day!!!

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