Inspiring Long Hair Summer Hairstyles

Inspiring Long Hair Summer Hairstyles braids

The 9 most inspiring hairstyles for summer parties include braids, curls and flowers. You don’t necessarily need a hairdresser…

I am blogging from Paros Island in Greece and I just finished my post for tomorrow that has super exciting news for you guys. TrendSurvivor is collaborating with the luxury online store for an international Giveaway. Can’t wait to tell you all about it…

In the meantime, enjoy some amazing hair inspiration for this summer events. I have a christening party coming up this Saturday and I am looking for evening hair and makeup ideas. I decided I will wear total white and I would love to try a a messy bun with fresh flowers… Mmmm sounds bridal but it will not be… You will see…

1. Try two loose braids on each side of your hair for a cool youthful hairstyle (image above)

2. Why not A knot ?

a unique braid

3. A classical bun

a classic bun

4. Just twist your hair back and add a bow hair clip.. very 1980s but it’s back in style

Inspiring Long Hair Summer Hairstyles06, bow hair clip

5. Add flowers in your hair. Mix bigger with smaller flowers for maximum floral effect…

flowers in your hair

6.  A fishtail braid and knot with a bow.

Inspiring Long Hair Summer Hairstyles, fishtail braid and a bow

7. Tiny flowers can be worn day or night.

Inspiring Long Hair Summer Hairstyles flowers street style

8. Do an invisible side part

Inspiring Long Hair Summer Hairstyles-invisible side part

9. Extra long side fringe

Inspiring Long Hair Summer Hairstyles-loose curls

Have a lovely Day!!!


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