Inspiration- Summer To Fall in… Black

BLACK Inspiration quote

Even though it is extremely hot in Skopelos, Greece and I should be dreaming and posting ice cream colors, I am loving black today!  Kate Moss influenced me to wear black this summer and I did as you will see in my next post. Here is my favorite collection of Black Colored items. Are you inspired by black for Fall- Winter 2012?

Angelina Jolie grey dress

Anglelina Jolie

Chanel stone gold jewels



Jin Kay

Art Melting People


1950 Balenciaga Dress

 1950 Balenciaga Dress

Michaela Kocianova

Michaela Kocianova

Retro black car Isabella Rosellini

  Isabella Rossellini

Theyskens Theory Resort 2013

Theyskens Theory Resort 2013

Tommy Ton picture 2012

by Tommy Ton 2012

Street Fashion Tommy Ton Paris 2012

Street Fashion Tommy Ton Paris 2012

tree cloud black and white


Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia

Details of YSL Fall 2012 Collection collage Style by Kling 

New Alexander McQueen The Heroine New amazing Alexander McQueen handbag… The Heroine

I am still working on my pictures of Skopelos so stay tuned …

 Have a lovely Day!!!



    1. The Chanel bracelets are the most amazing piece of statement jewelry I have seen in black!

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