Inspiration- Keep Calm and Go to the Beach

Keep Calm and go to the beach collage trendsurvivor

I am packing again! This time I will go to Skopelos on of the Sporades Islands, in Greece. Expect some pictures from Kastani beach, where Mama Mia was filmed and views of this green Island. I heard John Travolta and Robert De Niro are there too cruising on a Marianna Latsi’s yacht. If I am lucky I will become a paparazzi for a day! 🙂 Stay tuned…

Summer editorial


Ice cream chocolate strawberry

summer sea door

pink Balenciaga sandals gold


Skopelos Church Mama Mia Movie

elegant-french-twist-hairstyle Mama Mia star Amanda Seyfried

Love to travel, hate to pack!

 Have a lovely Weekend!!!



  1. Love that beach quote haven’t seen that take on that quote but like it better than the original..and the bathing suit next to it looks like I REALLY need to own! Any idea where it’s from?
    sheree x

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