Ideas for An Alternative Night

If you are looking for a fun night out, perhaps something cross-generational that would suit both older children as well as adults, then do not feel you have to succumb to the usual routine. Perhaps you would normally go for a meal at your local Italian restaurant, eating pizza, drinking wine and discussing your days. While this can be a nice way to spend an evening catching up with each other and there is nothing wrong with this as a plan, there may be times when you long for something different to do, or you want to surprise your loved ones with a special night out. If so, then below are some great ideas to get you started.

Try new dishes and meet new people at a supper club

Super club London

The White Room Super Club London

Supper Clubs are the trendiest way to try new cuisines and have a great night out in the process. These underground eateries have popped up across the globe, and they offer top food intimately served in a cozy environment where you are seated with other guests and everyone shares the evening together. If you are tempted to host one then why not start your own supper club? You don’t need much space as many successful supper clubs have been hosted in living rooms and feature only two tables. This can even add to the experience, making it a truly intimate and unique night out. Set your menu, deciding on what your strengths are or if there is a theme you would like to stick to, and invite your guests. Once people have RSVPd (and paid in advance if you decide to charge) then set out name cards, seating guests next to new people to spice up the evening’s conversation. Supper clubs are all about mixing new foods with new people and having a great time in the process.

Break out of an escape room


If the thought of being locked in a room with a ticking clock and tasked with solving a puzzle before the time runs out makes your heart beat faster then book into an escape room. With scenarios such as being kidnapped, held hostage or acting as a top government spy, as featured at Escape Room Charlotte, you and your team work together to solve the clues and break free. After all that hard work and heightened-tension treat yourselves to a well-deserved meal out to discuss it.

Play games

Let your competitive streak free and host a night of games. Dig out the board games and get into teams. There’s nothing quite like a game of Monopoly, fuelled by a drink or two, or an adult game of charades or Pictionary. If you’d like to go out while indulging your love of games then find out where your nearest ping pong club is and you’ll be in good company, after all Susan Sarandon has backed a series of ping pong clubs.  

Throw a pajama party

pajama party outfit

Invite your friends and family round in their PJs and host a pajama party. Put a series of good films on, get the popcorn, ice cream and cold beers ready and get cozy for a lovely night in with excellent company.

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